North Idaho Deserves Better Representation


Loree Peery is a 6th Generation Idahoan with a real understanding of the issues facing our community, and a commitment to being accountable to people who live here

Loree Peery will fight for what matters most to our community

Health Care Access

The challenges facing our community with regards to healthcare access have garnered national attention. As a registered nurse, Loree has direct experience working inside healthcare system in North Idaho, and she’s committed protecting the resources we have and undoing the damage that has been done.

Funding for Public Schools

With the explosive growth our area has seen in the last decade, our public schools are in dire need of investments to build and maintain facilities for future generations of Idaho youth.

Housing Affordability

Skyrocketing costs have made housing unattainable for too many residents in North Idaho— the legislature must act to reduce the cost of housing in Idaho, and overhaul the system to work better for working families.

About Loree

I grew up in Post Falls, as a 6th generation Idahoan. I’m a mom, wife, and RN. I graduated from NIC with an AS in nursing. I have a BS in Health Science with emphasis on Community Health Education. I love the outdoor opportunities Idaho has to offer. I’m an avid hiker, nordic skier, cyclist, or whatever the season brings. I feel fortunate to call Idaho my home.

Ready to Get Involved?

Outside of contributing financially, the best way you can help Loree win this election is by volunteering. We have a variety of ways that you can contribute, whether you live in District 2 or not. Sign up below to be added to our list of people who care about North Idaho and want to work towards a greater future for our community.


The Issues That Matter &
A Candidate Who Cares

Loree needs your help to win this race.

Property Taxes

Property taxes in the state of Idaho have been on track to continue increasing as property values continue to balloon in our area. The Idaho Legislature has not taken any meaningful action to reform our laws and deliver meaningful property tax relief to long-time residents.

Women’s Rights to Medical Freedom

Loree is a firm believer in medical privacy, and the freedom to make personal health decisions without the intrusion of our state or federal government. Medical freedom is under attack in our state and the harmful impacts from those attacks are already being felt in our community.

Support For Working Families

Strong labor markets and fair worker pay are the building blocks for success for Idaho working families. Idaho has a rich history of working people, and used to be a national leader in labor rights.

Representation For ALL Of Us 

Committed to inclusivity and equal rights, Loree stands proudly as an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community. With a dedication to fostering diversity and advocating for equitable policies, she aims to create and support a community where everyone can thrive, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

We need your help.


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